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Executive Coaching

Our clients are successful high-achievers in busy lives, typically in risk-averse, safety-critical, or large-project situations. Their decisions impact many. They expect responsive thinking partners with similar/stronger experience: ready to discuss ethical dilemmas, ignite leadership development, improve business performance and celebrate work-life balance.

TDV Solutions Consultants
TDV Solutions Consultants

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Anyone can have a bad day occasionally. If you are not satisfied with the time invested in the conversation with the coach and thinking partner, there will be no fee charged. Better still, we invite you to tell us how to make you smile. Payment details here.


TDV Solutions Consultants


Following the path of truth is always a good strategic choice, but it is easier said than done in a world of competing interests and divided loyalties.

TDV Solutions Consultants


Fulfilling responsibilities to spiritual principles, to others, and to ourselves. The challenge is knowing how to do what next, given limited time and insufficient resources.

TDV Solutions Consultants


Show courage, perseverance, and love as we address the challenges and opportunities in our lives.

TDV Solutions Consultants

Rates – Fees Executive Coaching

We offer various fee structures based on Client needs, typically USD$300 per hour plus expenses*. Options may include:

  • Initial compatibility meeting – free, no obligation
  • 24/7 365-day privileged direct dial with authentication
  • Encrypted communication
  • Scheduled or event-driven communication
  • On-site, public/social interaction support
  • Packaged 15-minute increments
  • Canadian HST number
  • Canadian security clearance
  • Explicit non-disclosure agreements

The Fine Print

*We pay for meals and non-alcoholic beverages during in-person sessions. Expenses charge rates align with Canada Treasury Board rates, plus a 10% mark-up for any required equipment, software, facilities, travel, and security support services to a list of approved travel destinations.

TDV Solutions Consultants
TDV Solutions Consultants

Value Propositions

Subsequent to positive interactions with a coach, you may be motivated to:

  • Save with pre-paid hours bundles
  • Suggest our reduced-fee and pro bono (free) services to not-for-profit organizations
  • Save with scheduled conversations
  • Save with conversations during business hours
  • Enjoy referral perks
  • Save with a gift certificate to someone you love
  • Save with a gift certificate to someone who needs executive coaching help

"You are already successful beyond the hopes of many. Whether motivated by Nietzche, by God, or by any of the positive philosophies of our world, now ask yourself: Is this the life I want ?"
– Marek Wakulczyk, founder

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